King Camera 2.0 Released!

I noticed that King Camera had a huge update hit the App store today: the self-proclaimed “WE REALLY LOVE TAKING PHOTOS WITH OUR iPHONE” Edition of the app! The developers have a great video about the new features on their website, as well.

Here’s a breakdown of the new features available with the update (from the description in the App Store):

Promatik -

  • New Pinch-zoom on Preview images throughout application
  • New Colorizer FX module (up to 3 simultaneous Color Filters)
  • New Light Leaks FX module (up to 3 simultaneous Light Leaks)
  • New Texturizer now supports up to 3 simultaneous textures
  • New Intensifier FX module
  • Interface: Simple “Marbles Navigation System”, Promatik Main View with sliding menu to accomodate the additional tools
  • Tweak: “Save Photo” (saves on top of current edit) and “Save a Copy” (duplicates your edit)
  • Speed: Advanced & Optimized Cache system in Promatik, making the module up to 10x Faster when applying effects

Photodesk -

  • Copy/Paste looks directly in Photodesk
  • Share – added Facebook Page and MMS
  • Copy/Paste Photo to other apps (email, MMS, etc.)
  • Option to Export all photos contained in stacks
  • Interface: Larger thumbnail size + optimized for Retina display
  • Speed: Export of Original photo 2x faster

Quickmatik -

  • Quickmatik Looks completely revamped and optimized
  • Interface: Larger thumbnails

Camera -

  • Settings Option to Save to Camera Roll Only
  • User’s activated Camera Tools now remembered from session to session
  • Double-Tap gesture in Video Mode to show zoomed-out or zoomed-in view
  • Double-Tap gesture in Timelapse to show zoomed-out or zoomed-in view
  • Interface: Added “Rule of Thirds” grid button in Camera Main menu

More -

  • New Quick Help system in all modules (“?” Icon)
  • New Settings: “Clean-Up” function to clean up zombie files in user folder
  • Fix – Crop Ratio preserved correctly when a Quickmatik Look contains a crop
  • Fix – Photo Orientation preserved when importing from camera roll/exporting to camera roll
  • Speed: Many additional tweaks to enhance overall app responsiveness
  • Interface: Visual overall redesign of the graphic user interface
  • iOS 5 ready
  • Various additional bug fixes

So all in all, this is a pretty substantial update for King Camera. From playing around with the new updates I can definitely tell that it seems a bit faster and more responsive, and I’m a fan of the new interface as well.

Here’s a few screenshots of the new Photodesk and Promatik interfaces:


And here’s a final image!