Hipstamart Adds new Products

So the infamous Hipstamatic iPhone 4 case was released yesterday, at the Hipstamart online store. Production pictures of the case had been floating around the internet for a few weeks, but the case was finally announced and the iPhone 4 version of the case is priced at $39.95, and the iPod Touch version of the case is $39.95 as well.

Both versions of the Hipstamatic Case are one-piece snap on cases, and they also come with a lanyard strap and universal tripod adapter – as seen in this image from the Hipstamart website:

I also noticed that the Hipstamart is going to be selling Graphic tee-shirts beginning on May 20, 2011. The site only has 2 prints displayed so far, one of an outline of a Hipstamatic 100 camera being shaked to randomize the effects, and the other design is from the BlackKeys Film logo.  As far as we were able to find out, pricing information for the new shirts has not been released yet – but we’ll keep you updated!