App Review – Plastic Bullet

Here’s the review of the Plastic Bullet App!

I decided to check out Plastic Bullet after finding out that they were offering it as a free download for a few days a couple of weeks ago. After checking it out, it’s a pretty nice app – good user interface and nice effects, however I can see how some people could dislike the app’s Unique concept.

Basically, when you use Plastic Bullet, you have the option to either take a new photo or edit an existing photo.


After either taking a new photo or choosing an existing photo, you have the option to view the first four effects options for your image. The beauty of the Plastic Bullet App is that each of the effects that are created through the account are completely unique and if you like the effect, you can view it larger and save it, otherwise, if you don’t save it the effect is lost forever. I really like this feature because it reminds me of analog processes!


If you want to see more effects, you can click on the “Refresh” button, which will generate four new effects for you to check out.



When you see an effect you like, you can select that image and view it larger.


As soon as you’ve decided you want to save an effect, or share it, you click on the “Heart” icon which brings up the Sharing/Saving menu.


Here’s what it looks like while it’s saving…


And here’s a view of one of the effects as today’s iPhotograph of the Day!